Hexinverter ¬ Caddyserver without the Pain

Project link: Caddy Ease on git.antpantheon.com.

So I have to frequently deploy sites, and just for the shear convenience of it I use Caddy (since it handles ACME by itself which is pretty keen). Over time I've developed a sort of protocol as alluded to in a Previous Post which is an early iteration, and I've since formalize it.

Well I finally got around to packing this all up into a script+support repository so that deploying all of this be it on a fresh install or updating an old one is as straight forward as cloning the repo and running up-caddy. Since it's building on its own, I took the opportunity to disable telemetry also, and if additional plugins are desired they can be trivially added without having to store how to do it in your brain, which is pretty much win-win for me (storing stuff is a lot of work). LMK how you like it on mastodon. This sort of semi-automated deployment is great for small sites that don't have any orchestration infrastructure, and, as the name implies, eases the whole process.